Bodhi Linux 1.4.0 Review

Bodhi Linux is a lightweight Ubuntu based distribution that uses Englightenment as its desktop manager. It is geared for those who have older hardware or who prefer lighter desktops compared to the heavier GNOME or KDE.

Bodhi comes as an installable LiveCD which when first started, is quite similar to that of Ubuntu’s startup so if you’ve used Ubuntu before, you’ll feel well at home.

The amount of diskspace needed is very low at a whopping 1.2 GB for those who want to install it instead of using it in a Live environment. Installation was quite simple with going through a few configuration steps and then from there and not too long after it’s installed. Installation times will vary depending on your hardware specifications.

An interesting bit of setup I’ve never seen before was once I started up for the first time I was greeted by a feature called profiles. The profile is basically a setting on how you want your desktop to behave. For example this is what the desktop profile looked like when I selected it, but when changing it to Compositing, I was greeted with a completely different layout and a more flashier desktop with menus with more fluid like effects. Each profile has its different features, with tablet your images are icons and also for those on a laptop have a battery indicator that you would see on tablets out there and the left click button does not activate the menus like you would see on the other profiles.

The software that comes by default is somewhat, I feel of a downside of this distribution as there should’ve been a bit more installed by default. There is however a web based installer where you can download and install software you like when clicking on Bodhi Linux Add Software. We were then greeted by a website that allows you to install packs such as an audio pack which has a bunch of software for audio listening or you can install individual packages. If you prefer, you also have Synaptic Package Manager installed as well if you’re more comfortable with that option.


I find Bodhi Linux quite interesting, I’ve never seen a feature like profiles before and it is very nifty and makes it easy for one to customize their desktop. Tied into the fact that you can download nice wallpapers and other themes from their own website it makes it easy to customize for the way you want it to look like.

The software that came as part of Bodhi Linux was a bit underwhelming. The point is to keep it as small as possible and keep resources down, but the default software was lackluster and effected usability out of the box; there should’ve been a few more programs installed or take queues from Peppermint OS and link to online programs that would allow a user to have all the functionality without effecting the size of the installation nor the system resources one needs to take advantage of this distribution.

Overall this is a pretty good distribution and for those who have older systems where resources are tight, this would be definitely a good distribution to install


Screenshots: Bodhi Linux 1.4.0


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