Linux Faithful Author Writes Novel Entirely In Tweets

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Also, be sure to follow Piers on Twitter and keep up with the story for yourselves.  @PiersAnthony

The Storyteller

Notable science fiction and fantasy novelist Piers Anthony has now gone where no author has gone before.  Twitter.  Anthony, who is new to Twitter is attempting to write an entire novel using only tweets.

Piers started using Star Office in 2000 when he adopted Linux as his full-time OS.  You could say that in this respect he is well ahead of the curve in our unavoidable future of Linux everywhere and this latest gimmick is no exception.

The announcement tweet:

PA1ch1 This is the story of a man and a mystery, titled “Experiment,” told in Tweet chapters designated PA1ch1, PA1ch2 etc.; track them.

 Age Is Just A Number

While it’s already impressive that Piers was able to switch to Linux at the ripe old age of 65, it is even more impressive that now, at age 77, he is able to harness the power of Twitter and transform it into a creative medium.  Of course, this is a man dedicated to his craft and his health.  In addition to staying active, still publishing an average of 3 novels per year, he still finds time to run a couple of miles every morning.  Can your grandpa do that?

He doesn’t just use Ubuntu either.  Piers is a Fedora user and he prefers the KDE desktop.  He takes full advantage of multiple workspaces and has designed a complete work-flow based on that environment.  …Somehow he still manages to get by with dial-up, but I think that’s just the nature of stubborn old men.

So, go and follow @PiersAnthony and catch yourself up with the story.  There are about 2 tweets a day and it’s really starting to develop!


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