NetRunner 4.1 Review

Netrunner is a KUbuntu based LiveDVD distribution running KDE 4.7.4 and is available in both 32 and 64 bit flavors. It takes the best of Kubuntu and adds a bit of their touch to the programs being offered. Netrunner is a distribution based for novice users of Linux.

Installation of this distribution was quite easy with only seven sections to go through and then you were on your way. Installation times will vary depending on your computer specifications.

Once installation was done, we were greeted with a nice looking wallpaper and simple yet great looking desktop. If you’re already hooked up to the Internet, you’ll be greeted by Muon Update Manager which will indicate that your system has updates available to be installed. The update manager is straight forward and will allow you to select which updates you want to perform.

Netrunner Desktop

Netrunner uses a modified version of the KDE menu and it is welcoming for those who do not care for the overly large kicker menu that current KDE 4.x distros use. It is nice and easy to browse through without using back buttons a lot in order to go back a level in the KDE menu.

As far as applications are concerned, Netrunner comes with quite a few applications both to run locally and on the web. Firefox and Mozilla are your default browser and email client, kFilebox is for those who want to store files online through their dropbox account, WINE which allows you to run Windows applications within Linux, VirtualBox for those who want to run other operating systems or distros within NetRunner. We got The Gimp for image editing, LibreOffice for your office suite as well we Google Docs for those who want to run the online Office Suite from Google.

Data security is quite important and Nepomuk is your program which you can use to backup your /home directory in case of any data loss. It is quite a simple program to use and strongly suggest to do so in case anything should happen to your computer. You can back it up to an external USB drive or even a NAS if you have one on your network.

With NetRunner you have two options of you want to remove, install or upgrade packages. There is Synaptic which is quite popular and used in many distributions and there is Muon Package Manager. Both have it’s advantages and both are quite easy to use and are similarly laid out.


NetRunner brings simplicity to the desktop without sacrificing anything. It comes packed with a lot of software applications and which was even surprising is that it came with WINE which is not often you see a distribution that comes with it by default nor VirtualBox which is also included.

The graphics and theme used by default is quite elegant and makes it look very polished. I don’t have any complaints about the distribution and find it very well made. NetRunner also has a community on their homepage for those who need some assistance on a variety of topics to make their experience with NetRunner a whole lot better.

Homepage: NetRunner

Screenshots: NetRunner 4.1 Screenshots



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