Pear OS Linux Panther 3 screenshot preview

Pear OS is a new Linux desktop distribution based on Ubuntu. Development started in early August 2011, and Pear OS 1.0, the first version marked “stable,” was released on August 15 2011. The newest release is Pear OS Linux Panther 3.

I tend not to pay too much attention to Ubuntu-based distributions especially when there is no feature or features that truly distinguishes them from their parent distribution, but Pear OS appears to be different. In fact, it looks to be better than any other Ubuntu-based distribution. Perhaps even better than Ubuntu itself.

But that is only my initial assessment. I am still digging into the distribution, prepping for a detailed review. So, while the review is in progress, here are a few screen shots to whet your appetite. If you would like to take it for a spin yourself, grab an installation image from here.

The login screen. The guest session, enabled out of the box in Ubuntu and Linux Mint, is disabled in Pear OS’ login screen.
Pear OS Linux Panther 3 Login

The default desktop, with a MacOS X-like dock.
Pear OS Linux Panther Default Desktop

User profile indicator.
Pear OS Panther Online Status Indicator

Pear OS desktop showing the GNOME 2-style calendar.
Pear OS Panther Desktop Calendar

The desktop showing the dock in the default state, that is, with 3D enabled.
Pear OS Linux Desktop Docky

The desktop showing the dock with 3D disabled.
Pear OS Linux Dock 3D Disabled

Context menu of an application from the dock.
Pear OS Panther 3 Desktop

Launchpad is Pear OS’ menu, if you can call it that. It is similar to Takeoff Launcher.
Pear OS Linux Panther 3 Launchpad

Installed multimedia applications as seen from the Launchpad.
Pear OS Linux Panther Launchpad

Back in Time, an automatic backup utility is installed out of the box. Just one of several features that makes Pear OS a cool desktop distribution.
Pear OS Snapshot Setup

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  1. Raxidahvg says:

    I tested this distro on virtualbox, and one think that striked me was the obvious copy of the MacOS desktop. I won’t argue about the features or the advanteges that this distro may or may not possess over other OSes, but the fact that the structure of the desktop resembles so much a Mac is something that i don’t want to see in linux distributions. Linux is supposed to welcome users wit an original design, wowing us each step of the way, not by copping something that already exist, but through creative and well implmenmted design an applications. Of course i may be torched by some people for thinking like this, but this is how i truly feel. I hope this distro the best and keep up the good work!

    • finid says:

      I (We) respect your feelings, but there is nothing wrong in copying something that is very good. Life moves forward by one thing copying from another.

      Do not forget that the core of MacOS X and the Linux kernel, share a common ancestry. If Apple managed to reinvent its flag-ship operating system by taking from an open source project, why shouldn’t an open source project copy from Apple.

      Look at the landscape. Apple copied from Xerox. Microsoft copied from Apple, Life moves forward.

      • Raxidahvg says:

        Your point of view certainly is correct. But the “face” of an Os “out of the box” shouldn’t be a very close resemblance of another. I think the Pear Os team should invest in creating their original look, enabling the user to, if they want, create their own “MacOs counter-part”. I very much agree with what you said, but the fact that copying something makes “life move forward” doesn’t make it a correct or orthodox choice. I have been a long time windows user, but it was the different perspectives and ideals that made take the plunge into the linux world, the software and the looks, the kernel upgrades, the communities supporting each distro, their mentalities and phylosophies… I really, really think that Pear OS is good distro and i support the team efforts nevertheless, i am just appealing to the team “creative side”. Once again, nice job and keep up the good work

  2. Tomas says:

    This distro caught my eye too when I saw it on distrowach today.
    It’s good one to review. Looks clean and exactly what I was looking for. I’m also a little bit afraid of all Ubuntu based distributions. Some of them looks totally overloaded or incompatible with Ubuntu. The community is not always enough big to feel comfortable when searching for a solution to a problem.
    I’m completly tired with all the mess around Unity and Gnome shell. It looks like you need 1000 and 1 add-on to make them fully usable. That’s why I’ve recently migrated to KDE and I find it very comfortable and what’s more, it’s gives me total freedom. I can setup everything without the need to install any add-ons.
    I’m currently testing Chakra at home and I’m using Kubuntu at work.
    But to be honest the latest Pear OS looks very good. I will need to give it a try in VM to check if it’s usability as at the same level as its eyecandyness.
    I’m looking forward to see the whole review.

    • finid says:

      Chakra is good, and in my opinion, better than Kubuntu. The next edition of Chakra Edn will have Tomoyo, an application firewall, enabled.

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