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Is The United States In A Recession?

I sit back and listen how the government and everyone else blames everything on why the US is going into a recession other than the truth, I mean… Mortgage industry… They are all trying to blame most of the recession on the mortgage industry because of adjustable rates. OK, I understand that adjustable rates can increase your house note but most know this when they initially sign up for that program so they can get the lowest rate, if they did not know it, then they did not read their closing documents, this is just the plain truth. Maybe their intensions were to refinance later which is great, just make sure they keep their credit good, or increase the credit grade, otherwise this idea would do them no good. Let me tell you what is really causing the recession… ITS GAS!, Gas being sold at $4-$5 per gallon making the common everyday 30 minute drive be $550+ monthly, so there, this is the biggest reason people cannot pay for their homes, its gas.. And soon to be $6+ per gallon all in a year from $1.30. Gas companies are the richest entities, especially Exxon, they have made so much money, and they could literally save Africa in a week’s time frame from food and water shortages. This is sick; they don’t even know what to do with all of it other than go up more. And lord please let them stop licking their chops to blame another hurricane for another $1-$2 increase, this is crazy… No one is doing anything about it, it’s like everything is getting blamed for the recession but the real culprit, how can someone pay o their car and home paying out an extra $300-$800 monthly in gas? I don’t know this answer, but many do… We have to get the alternative Hydrogen up and going fast, we would be spending $3 per 250 mile fill up… That nothing and will enrich the economy again… There will at that time be a spike to $7 so the gas companies don’t lose too much of a foot hold and pass the cost on to the people who have a gas car to make up for the people who don’t. The only way we will win is winging the economy off the jobs they produce and get rid of them once and for all and come up with another energy source to modify current engines. This is my theory, what is your?