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Fair Tax Should Be Passed

Fair tax you say? What is the benefit? Well, there are really too many to list but I will list a few anyway.  This bill will first off, relieve everyone of having to worry about filing taxes and giving the IRS a reason to put you in jail to not only make them more tax dollars but to also penalize you even more to substantially increase their own revenue, it’s all numbers to them.  Second, it will relieve the stress of the middle class, meaning that they will not be hit as hard for taxes being it will be applied as an extra commodity tax. Third, the slack of everyone paying in a little less tax per year will be taken by the millions of immigrants that come hear each year cause every purchase they make; they will be paying as well, leveling out the economic playing field.  This in turn should increase revenue, keeping social security as a blanket for out senior citizens.  We need to fight for the fair tax, and push away from the so called flat tax which will kelp no one because you’re still taxed yearly, unless you make $250,000+ per year.  I hope this gives you and insight of the way our society is governed.