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Gas Price Formula

I have a formula that will tell you when gas prices are going to increase.  Basically, they love to condition us to higher gas prices… How you say? I finally figured it out… Gas companies will raise the price on gas to over .50 per gallon and at that point, you can be safe to know that it will settle for half of the increase… Let me give you an example… Gas is let’s say $3.00.  It will go up to $3.65 and then settle back down to $3.35… This is called conditioning.  You see, there is no reason gas should go up the way it does… I will explain… In mid 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit and gas was out over a few states due to people leaving Texas etc… At this time, the gas prices were already rising but rose even more, and when gas pumps ran out of gas cause the trucks could not get to them do to the traffic from the panic, the prices rose even more… ExxonMobil amasses record $36 Billion profit during this time… Now I am not picking on Exxon, there were a few that made it big… Exxon just made the most.  This profit was after all debtors were PAID OFF, all raises were PAID, and all TAXES were brought current… This was the profit… $36 Billion!! You see gas companies gouge the people… We have no choices at the moment… They buy out any electric car ideas, hydrogen car ideas; halt any type of funding, watch as inventions disappear… All cars made with other types of power sources are never released to public or allowed due to the power sources being too dangerous, Well, how is gas not? Just remember, even if you boycott gas, and a few may, this does not really affect the gas companies… We are stuck till other forms of power driven vehicles are produced. If gas rises over .50 per gallon, just know at that moment we are being conditioned and get ready for a minimum increase of at least half the rise…

Joe Lovrek