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Can All Racism Be Truly Fixed?

Can you honestly say that you have never laughed or took part in a racial joke?

Before you say NO, really think about your day to day activities including text, email etc.

I ask myself all the time whether racism can truly be fixed.  I grew up in a small country town, Trinity Texas and the nationality was pretty mixed about thinking back about 50% Caucasian, 30% African American 15% Hispanic and 5% Other. I moved to Houston Texas in 1994 after I graduated to attend ITT and get my associates followed by my bachelor’s degree. Moving to Houston really opened up my eyes on how racist the world still was.  I heard African Americans, Caucasians and Hispanics all making racial slurs at one another all within my first few weeks. What I cannot understand is why? Why do a lot of people see the world through a looking glass from the past? If you stop and think, I mean really think about where our world is headed, racism should be a thing of the past within the next 100 years as most families will have many different races in their families by that point.  I just don’t see the reasoning behind hating your fellow brothers and sisters.  We were all created by God from the same sand and regardless of color or national origin; we should act as if we are family.  If we can all just set aside our differences regardless of what we experienced in our lives giving everyone a chance, there would be no racism and in return, no war.  All I can say is, we are all on this world to serve God no matter your religion and God sent his son to the earth as flesh so that he may die to cover our sins, otherwise there was no way into heaven.  Our God loved us so much that he made the hardest sacrifice of them all; can everyone at least make a small sacrifice and treat everyone as they themselves want to be treated and teach our kids the meaning of true peace?

Joe Lovrek