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Family Value System

Well, as a parent you wonder sometimes if you are doing a good job, or are you instilling family values or the correct religious values. While growing up I did not have the best childhood, none of my family were Christians, and none of my family had great values taught to them when raised, leaving a broken home at the ages of 14 and 16. If it were not from neighbors, a good Grandmother and great friends keeping me in church, I would not be where I was today, I was saved by them and by God.  It’s real simple, whatever you do at this moment with your children, whether they get older and turn into drug attics, prostitutes, or any other poor choices they may make, since they are able to make them now.. They will return to the values you have instilled unto them.  Your children will also teach what was taught, just give them a chance.  My wife had many people in her family that taught her right from wrong, though while growing up, she made bad choices, many, many bad choices, like stealing, going to jail etc.. Now, if you never knew her before, you would think she was an ANGEL.  Always caring for others, does not like to talk about people, always wants to do what’s right and loves giving.  This is the true meaning and demonstration of instilling the correct values, (They Always Return What Was Taught, Nothing Is Hopeless).

Joe Lovrek