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Relationships “When It’s Over”

 I have been in and have seen many situations where the end of a relationship is apparent and still goes un-noticed or the parties involved are blind.

First off, let me explain the difference between a male and a female and their views on a relationship… I will probably be shot for exposing the male but I want to explain the rest of what I am writing…

Male: A male wants a companion that will be there when they need them. The male is self sufficient, doesn’t like to be bothered and wants a simple relationship where they feel loved without having all the effort involved in a relationship. When a male is in public, sometimes they like to display their affection, or at least who belongs to them by holding hands, or putting their arm on the females back or around them.  Males want the least amount of conflict, so they go along with most anything even if they do not agree, which they end up bringing up later in a heated discussion or subtlety in conversation.  More than spending time with the female, they expect the female should know that they do love them and that should not have to be proved time after time.

Female: A female wants companionship, even women who don’t know that what they want and think they want something simple wants the effort and closeness. Females like it when you give them butterflies, surprise them, say I love you all the time, cuddle, hold hands, lie to them about how they are dressed, look, etc and want you to mean it and if you are honest, they will be upset and make it to where you will want to keep lying just to keep the peace and be fake. A female wants the male to prove they do love them by giving them attention, and keep them interested throughout the relationship.

In a nutshell, the joke is that a woman fakes an orgasm to have a good relationship while a male fakes a relationship to have a good orgasm…haha

I needed to explain the above before going on from here.  When you are in a relationship where the, if you notice the female suddenly pulling away, causing an argument to leave the home saying they are staying with friends, family etc for a day or more at a time, most likely, that is a warning not that your relationship is on the rocks, but that it’s over.  When you start noticing the symptoms that the female wants to get away from you and is gone days at a time especially, it’s over… There may be a smidgen of a chance you can fix it but it’s not certain… If the female finally sits down to talk with you and tells you that they love you but are not in love with you that is there way of saying, I do not want to be with you, I have either found someone else or have moved on.  You as the male needs to realize this and try and find a way to heal yourself.  For a male, we don’t normally see the train wreck coming, we are normally blind and while we are not thinking it’s getting to that point, the female is slowly pulling away… This is why you look at them and wonder why they do not care all of a sudden, it’s just that they have been pulling away for a while and that the decision has been made.  It’s not as easy for a male to accept its over when this happens cause this is when the male starts going through the withdraw steps.

I wrote these little tips so that you may notice the warning signs, but remember, if they get to the point where the female is looking for excuses to stay away, and or the words are mentioned, “I love you, BUT, I am not in love with you”… You are doomed and need to figure out how to move on, you can beg and plea and sometimes the female will get weak and show you a glimpse of compassion, and may even tell you that they will try and make it work, but really, all you are doing is delaying what is going to eventually happen.

Joe Lovrek

Family Value System

Well, as a parent you wonder sometimes if you are doing a good job, or are you instilling family values or the correct religious values. While growing up I did not have the best childhood, none of my family were Christians, and none of my family had great values taught to them when raised, leaving a broken home at the ages of 14 and 16. If it were not from neighbors, a good Grandmother and great friends keeping me in church, I would not be where I was today, I was saved by them and by God.  It’s real simple, whatever you do at this moment with your children, whether they get older and turn into drug attics, prostitutes, or any other poor choices they may make, since they are able to make them now.. They will return to the values you have instilled unto them.  Your children will also teach what was taught, just give them a chance.  My wife had many people in her family that taught her right from wrong, though while growing up, she made bad choices, many, many bad choices, like stealing, going to jail etc.. Now, if you never knew her before, you would think she was an ANGEL.  Always caring for others, does not like to talk about people, always wants to do what’s right and loves giving.  This is the true meaning and demonstration of instilling the correct values, (They Always Return What Was Taught, Nothing Is Hopeless).

Joe Lovrek

Truth About Soulmates