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How To Stop Stress

Well, it’s like this… In my life I have had many stressful situations, some causing me to want to pull my hair out. Sometimes you may feel like the world is torturing you, taking months to correct.  Now, what if I told you, to ignore all stress, and deal with it in the same manner calmly and you will achieve the same results? Ha-Ha, Right!  Let me give you a scenario… Say you lose your job and come home upsetting the wife and or family, stressing out over circumstances beyond your control…yea, yea, easy to say right? My world is upside down, family may not have any food next week and, our cars are going to repo etc… Here are two facts, and facts that may help.  You will eventually get a better if not a lateral job.  Stressing either way would have the same outcome… You see, if you ask all my friends, they see me go through hard times, and even good times, some times they cannot believe I don’t even stress when they hear what is going on in my life at times, but you know?  I can stress now, or not stress, but in the same time frame it takes me to change my life, would be the same time frame it will correct itself either way.  My point is, why stress when you do not have too, it’s that easy… You will find that your life will turn around in the same time frame and you will live longer.

I know you are saying yea right, but really… You do make your own decisions, it is that simple.

Stop Bad Dreams

It took me years of thinking outside the box and why some dreams were more horrifying than others from your spouse cheating on you, getting shot or stabbed, to werewolves chasing you through a park.  I could never figure out what was causing my brain to function this way, even though some nights, I would not dream bad dreams or not dream at all as though it would seem.  I sleep many of ways, on my back, on my right side and on my left side… As you know, sleeping on your face is not normal and is the frontal lobe… Well, you can still lay on your belly, but most of the time you are still sleeping on the right or left hemispheres.  My problem was and I cannot explain why, was sleeping on the left hemisphere.  If I sleep on my back or right hemisphere I was fine and my dreams were more controlled but the minute I slept on my left hemisphere, my dreams would be more challenging most of the time.  I tried this test many times to see if the accuracy was there and to my surprise, it pans out 95% of the time… You may have a few bad dreams sleeping on the right hemisphere but not as often giving you a great sleep cycle.



If the above did not work for you, there is one more option which will.  You will need to face your bad dreams.  What I mean by this is when asleep, try and realize that you are having a bad dream and face your fear, beat the dream.  If someone is chasing you, just turn around and face it, if it attacks, you will not feel a thing, all you can do is imagine the damage, so if you close your eyes in the dream, you will feel nothing and most likely wake up.  THIS WILL WORK WITH ENOUGH PRACTICE