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Motorola Xoom displays arriving in stores


First, your laptop battery life sucks. Tell me if average laptop can play video non-stop for 10 hours. Difficult?

Second, your laptop is not instant-on device. You must wait to boot it up. That’s irritating.

Third, you must find a desk to sit and use your laptop.

Come on, you know that.

With tablet, you will have amazing battery life and instant-on which help you a lot for your daily tasks (web browsing, email, videos, games, chatting, documents, etc.).

So, yeah, go ahead with your laptop, sit tight in the desk, plug the power, and attach your mouse 😛 LOL!

Best Buy Motorola XOOM pre-order page back — again

For those of you who have been following along with all the Best Buy, Motorola XOOM chaos you might like to know that Best Buy now seems to have all their affairs in order for pre-ordering the Motorola XOOM. Despite Best Buy pulling the trigger not once but rather twice on their XOOM pre-order pages another one has now popped up on their site and looks like it might actually remain there rather then being removed.

Don’t get too excited though, you can’t actually pre-order using the page (yet?) it just tells you to visit your local Best Buy instead. Oh right, it’s not $1200 either; they opted to not add any price this time.  [Best Buy] Thanks, JC!

Update – Prices and accessories now added to the page. Listed price is $799.

Motorola Atrix 4G system dump available

 Atrix 4G 1  Atrix 4G 2  Atrix 4G 3

Another new device in the hands of other users means it going to get put through the inevitable system dump. That is exactly what has happened to the Motorola Atrix 4G and it has some goodies for everyone out there. Wallpapers, ringtones and even the boot animation are all available for download now.

Plus, if you like to tinker around with the internals you can get at the complete system dump as well. If you’re not much for that, stick to the basics but if you’re a developer or ROM cooker then by all means have at it. [Android Central Forums]