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AT&T confirms the Inspire 4G does not feature HSUPA

Inspire 4G speedtest

We’ve been hearing from many of you who bought a shiny new Inspire 4G that there appears to be an issue with the device upload speeds.  While ATT is busy working out the kinks in their HSPA+ network, getting backhaul in place and pouring the magic 4G dust into the wires, most of us with an Inspire 4G are still using the 3G HSPA network.  HSPA is broken down into two parts — HSDPA (download) and HSUPA (upload).

The Inspire 4G is not HSUPA capable, according to ATT.  No conspiracy.  No rumor.  Just the answer, straight from the source.

This explains why most of us are seeing fast 3G download speeds, but no-so-much on the upload side.  I had a bit of a play with this myself last night, and see the same thing — download speeds around 2 Mbps, and upload speeds around 200 kbps.  You can see above what our (and TiPb’s) own Jeremy Sikora is seeing for speeds in Chicago.  He also notes that upload speeds on his iPhone 4 (which is HSUPA capable) are about twice what he sees with his Inspire.

While it’s not the news most of us want to hear, it does clear up the confusion.  Thanks to the folks at ATT who took time to answer our questions. 

Flight Control lands in the Android Market

Apple has never innovated or created anything new…EVER. (I’m not just saying that; name one product you think Apple has invented or innovated, and I’ll tell you who made it first.)

Apple is the copycat company du jour. Sure, they’ve made plenty of other people’s ideas commercially successful, but that just means they’re very good slimy salesmen, not innovators.

Ironically, you mentioned photocopiers…Apple stole the GUI for personal computers from Xerox. Was that an intentional reference?

You are right about Apple being the new Microsoft. Apple is now the #1 purveyor of insecure systems and software, overcharges for everything, and pretends they created something that they stole from someone else. The only real difference is that Jobs is just a tad more insane (and quite a bit less charitable) than Gates.

Motorola Atrix 4G root now possible

Just in case you may have been holding off on your plans to pick up a Motorola Atrix 4G upon release based on the fact root possibilities were unknown you can now rest easy.  Yes, the Motorola Atrix 4G can now be rooted as demonstrated above. Now all you have to do is wait until either your pre-order shows up or ATT starts stocking them in store. Mind you, February 21 and 22 are still a few days away so patience is a virtue here and you’ll also have to wait for the method to be revealed. Anyone grabbing one now based on root being available soon? [Android Central Forums via XDA]