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The Shortest Google Search URL

What if you want to include a link to a Google search results page and the URL needs to be short? Instead of copying the URL from the address bar and including a lot of unnecessary parameters, you can manually build a simple URL:

Obviously, you should replace “test” with your query. If there are multiple keywords, replace space with “+” like this:

You could drop “www.” from the URL:

Google now uses AJAX to load search results, so you can replace “search?” with “#”:

You can even drop the slash after “” and the URL works in most desktop browsers, but not in mobile browsers. You could also replace “” with “” or other Google domains, but you’ll get different results.

Fortunately, Google owns the domain and you can use this URL:

A Disrupting Google Easter Egg

You might remember the [do a barrel roll] Easter Egg which rotates Google’s search results page. The query is so popular that it’s the first suggestion when you type “do a” and Google Instant automatically shows the results for [do a barrel roll] and triggers the Easter Egg.

“The issue is, if you search for just [do a] in Google with Google Instant on, it will show you the search results for [do a barrel roll] and just spin the screen before you can complete your query. So if you meant to search for [do a hop skip and a jump], good luck because before you know it, the search results will take an unexpected turn,” reports Search Engine Roundtable.

Actually, you can continue entering the query and the Easter Egg will disappear, but few people will do that. This is an example of Easter Egg that disrupts the user experience and makes Google Search more difficult to use.

Google could trigger the Easter Egg only if you type the entire query or if you select the first suggestion. Another option is to delay the Easter Egg animation.

The Old Image Search, Still Available

The old Google Image Search interface is still available in the OneBox result that’s displayed for some Google searches like [tropical birds] or [europe map]. If you add “image”, “images”, “photo” or “photos” to your query, Google will show 4 times more image results. It’s like a simplified image search interface inside the regular Google Search.