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Apple is again Fortune’s most admired company

James Martin/CNET)

Apple is the world’s most admired company, at least in the eyes of executives polled by Fortune magazine.

For the sixth year in a row, Apple took home top honors for the title, this year scoring 8.24 on Fortune’s ranking system, ahead of Google with a score of 8.01 and Amazon with 7.28.

Apple was deemed the most admired despite recent concerns over the company’s performance.

Its stock has tanked 35 percent since September as investors and analysts fret that Apple’s best days may be behind it. But the company still rates as a financial and technological powerhouse, according to Fortune’s description:

Apple has had a rough time lately with its stock price in a free fall and the widely publicized failure of its Maps feature. However, it remains a financial juggernaut, posting $13 billion in net income last quarter, making it the most profitable company in the world during that period. The company has its fanatical customer base, and it still refuses to compete on price, making the iconic iPhone and iPad products that are still widely seen as prestige devices. Competition may be stiff, but so far it remains behind: In Q4 2012, the iPhone 5 was the world’s best selling smartphone, followed in second place by the iPhone 4S.

In a related Fortune story on the company titled “It’s lonely at the top for Apple,” senior editor-at-large Adam Lashinsky did acknowledge worries over the stock price and post-Steve Jobs management. But Apple has gotten to the point where people expect miracles from the company, he wrote.

And it seems that when Apple doesn’t deliver those miracles, investors and analysts give the company the thumbs down.

Apple’s corporate peers obviously see the current struggles as a short-term blip and continue to believe in the company’s long-term potential. But one question raised by Fortune is whether the “most admired” title is a true sign of Apple’s value.

“Perhaps the admiration of one’s peers is a lagging indicator, akin more to a hall-of-fame vote than to a most-valuable-player award,” Lashinsky wrote. “The company whose late founder aimed for it to be ‘insanely great’ remains plenty damn good. The years to come will determine if, for Apple, that’s good enough.”

Beyond Google and Amazon, other tech players among the top 50 included IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, eBay, Facebook, and Cisco Systems.

Fortune’s list of the world’s most admired companies is based on surveys from executives across 30 different countries.

The companies are ranked on nine separate criteria, including the quality of management, innovativeness, the quality of products or services, the ability to attract and retain talented people, social responsibility, and long-term investment value.

The Shortest Google Search URL

What if you want to include a link to a Google search results page and the URL needs to be short? Instead of copying the URL from the address bar and including a lot of unnecessary parameters, you can manually build a simple URL:

Obviously, you should replace “test” with your query. If there are multiple keywords, replace space with “+” like this:

You could drop “www.” from the URL:

Google now uses AJAX to load search results, so you can replace “search?” with “#”:

You can even drop the slash after “” and the URL works in most desktop browsers, but not in mobile browsers. You could also replace “” with “” or other Google domains, but you’ll get different results.

Fortunately, Google owns the domain and you can use this URL:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Surprisingly Shows Up in Browsermark, Climbs to Top Spot



Samsung Galaxy S4 new flagship smartphone bests the competition in Rightware’s Browsermark benchmark.

It’s expected Samsung will launch its highly anticipated Galaxy S4 smartphone at the Mobile Unpacked event in New York on March 14, but in the meantime, we have some benchmark scores to salivate over. Topping Rightware’s Browsermark 2.0 benchmark is a listing for the Samsung GT-I9500, believed to be the codename for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and it looks to be a scorching fast device.

The supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 posted a score of 2,710 running Google’s Chrome 25 browser. That’s the highest score ever achieved in Browsermark 2.0, topping heavyweights like the LG Optimus G, HTC One, iPhone 5, and of course Samsung’s own Galaxy S III.

Previous rumors suggest the Galaxy S IV will tout an eight-core Exynos Octa 5 processor, though calling it an eight-core chip is a bit of a marketing spin. The Exynos 5 houses four Cortex A15 processing cores to tackle tasks like gaming, and four Cortex A7 cores for lighter workloads. Samsung claims this designs allows for up to 70 percent higher energy efficiency compared to previous quad-core Exynos parts.

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