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Can CLA Help You Lose Weight?

Can CLA Help You Lose Weight?

The market is literally loaded with hundreds of weight loss products that promise to bring down your weight by converting the fat into muscle fiber. Most of these products are short term solution, such a short term solution for a long term problem may not be a good choice. Many of products are scam, yet people are attracted towards them, why? Because people like you are desperate to lose weight but in few weeks time. Studies reveal that nearly 95 % of the people regain the shed weight, it shows the short term and in effective nature of these proclaimed “wonder solution” products.

But, there is ray of hope and the hope lies in Conjugated Linoleic Acid, commonly known as CLA. Have you ever heard the term lose fat by fat? No, you haven’t if you are new to the word CLA. These pills deserve to be called magic pills because they really work wonders. Number of people being attracted to CLA is constantly growing, more and more people are drawn towards this fatty acid who previously adopted other weight loss methods. The trend to use CLA based supplements is also on the rise while the number of weight loss CLA based products is growing, researchers have found that CLA not only helps in losing body weight but also strengthens the muscles. Over the years the researches done about the CLA have shown very positive results.

CLA is a fatty acid that is NOT made by the body, rather it is collected from dairy products and animal fat. It boosts the metabolism of body and maintains the cholesterol level. These are few of its uses but here we intend to focus on how CLA helps you lose weight.

Research Opinion:

Most of the known and recorded researches were performed on animals, very few were performed on human. The ones performed on humans showed very positive results.

  • December (2000) edition of “Journal of Nutrition” published a place-bo and double blind study report that shed light on the effectiveness of CLA in weight loss. The study found that the amount of fat significantly decreased in the humans while it helped preserve their muscles. The report further stated that the people who took CLA lost 5 pounds of fat. Report suggested that 3.4 grams of CLA per day is enough for the human body.
  • International Journal of Obesity” published a report back in 2007 stating the positive results of CLA. In the study one group of people were given 3.4 grams of CLA per day for 6 months while there was no restriction on diet while the other group was given place-bo pills. During the course of this study, the volunteers who had received daily dose of CLA reported a weight loss while the other set of volunteers gained weight. It not only restricted the body to gain weight but also strengthened the muscle tissues.
  • 2004 edition of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” published the study in which a group of people was given CLA dose for straight 1 year in order to find the long term benefits of this supplement. The study revealed some interesting facts about the working of CLA, it reduced the body fat among the overweight adults while it was more effective and efficient on the people having higher ratio of body fat, these people were more likely to experience a weight loss than the ones having low amount of body fat. This experimentation continued for 2 years and at the end of 24 months, volunteers who received CLA reported a 6-8 percent of weight loss.
  • Another edition of “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” published a report that performed a study on 180 healthy but overweight women and men. The study reported that the group of people receiving CLA gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost 6 pounds of weight.
  • An experiment performed on overweight women showed amazing results, over the period of 12 months the women lost 9 percent of body fat. The percentage is impressive because women were not forced to change their eating style and diet.

How does it work?

CLA is basically a fat itself, found in animals. It works on a cellular level, it targets the fat cells of the body. Once it enter the fat cells, it destroys the triglycerides – the main cause behind the weight gain. Moreover, it also turns triglycerides into muscle mass. CLA is most effective on the belly fat, it turns the fat into muscle which in turn provides more oxygen to the organs, resulting in fast blood circulation.

As you are well aware that CLA increases body’s metabolic rate, it helps the body to effectively convert the digested food into energy. CLA has a unique and one – of – its – kind working method, it does not necessarily decrease the body weight but it keeps the fat cell from getting bigger. This mechanism helps you maintain the weight, control your body fat and most likely lose weight.

How to maximize the output of CLA?

Most of the studies and researches performed on CLA didn’t restrict the people to control or change their eating habits and follow a proper diet plan, yet it worked so magically and resulted in weight loss. So, the best way to use CLA for weight loss in order to get the maximum advantage is to follow a proper diet plan with a regular exercise routine.

Expert Guide for Buying CLA for weight loss:

  • Every product has a different concentration of CLA, make sure you a product that has more than 80 % of CLA in order to garner maximum weight loss.
  • Do not buy an unlicensed product.
  • CLA usually does not require any prescription but you should consult a doctor or physician to find out the best product for weight loss.
  • Some brands that claim weight loss may have inconsistent amount of CLA which may not work fine to lose body fat, it is advised to buy a patented brand product.

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Using Google Gmail SMTP Server for Toshiba eStudio copier/MFD scan to email function


I have been asked this question a few times and I decided to post the solution. Using a Gmail account with a Toshiba eStudio’s scan to email function is easy..

First, log into your Toshiba eStudio copier, go to Administration, then to Network.

First off, you have to select DNS, enable it if its disabled and set the DNS to point to Google’s DNS and then set the appropriate SMTP Client Settings. The login and password should be one of your user Gmail accounts and password.


DNS Session

Enable DNS: Enable

Primary DNS Server Address: “This is Google’s DNS”

Secondary DNS Server Address: “This is Google’s DNS”


SMTP Client

Enable SMTP Client: Enable

Enable SSL: Accept all certificates without CA


SMTP Server Address:

POP Before SMTP Disable

Authentication: Plain

Login Name:

Password: “your Gmail account password”

Maximum Email / InternetFax Size: 30 MB

Port Number: 587 or 465 “whichever port that works”

SMTP Client Connection Timeout(1-180): 30 Seconds “Only if you have this option”


Joe Lovrek