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Noticing ADD “Attention Deficit Disorder” in Children


One of the most common traits of a child who has attention deficit disorder is their behavior in school.  Have you spent days trying to figure out why your son or daughter likes to get in trouble in school but you also notice that they seem to know better, it just happens.  The next step to figuring out if your child has add is to monitor their school work.  If they have a hard time doing their school works at home, and they try and do it at school only, they are showing symptoms of attention deficit disorder. Attention Deficit Disorder can be treated using drugs like Vyvanse or Methylphenidate “better known as Ritalin”. Treatment is crucial if you want your child to function correctly in school.. Remember, it’s not their fault and medicine may be your life’s savior. I know, I was not diagnosed with Adult ADD till I was 33 and it affected me all my life.  When I went to school, I did have a hard time with homework, but aced my work while in school.

Joe Lovrek