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Google Voice Integrated into Gmail

As of today, August 25, Gmail users in the United States should have access to Google Voice right from their Gmail accounts. This latest feature lets Gmailers make phone calls to anyone from within the browser window. Before now, users like myself could only make video or voice calls with the Google Voice client that requires downloading and installing on your computer.

According to Google, the voice and video chat plugin should unleash an integrated google voice/talk interface where you’re able to chat with Gmail friends and use Google Voice features.

Does this improve the chances of Google Voice overtaking Skype? What do you think?

Google Talk Enable Smilies, Emotions, Group Chat, and Invisible Status

The standard Google Talk messenger client here, allows you to send instant messages to your online Google Talk buddies, send and receive free voice calls or voice mails, change status to away, busy, available and custom status message. The standard Google Talk messenger does not give you the needed option to appear invisible for your buddies while still being online which is a feature which almost any popular messenger program has. Well now you can appear invisible using Google Talk Labs Edition, Use multiple Google Talk and sign in with more than one Google Account at the same time which is usually only done with other chat systems for different carriers but not of the same carrier which is amazing, have a sneak peak of what the new Google Talk Labs is going to bring for you, Google talk emotions, Google Talk group chat and more.

Download Google Talk Labs Edition here and get:

  • Features of the Google Talk Labs Edition Gadget on your desktop (emoticons, group chat, and more!)
  • Desktop notifications from Gmail, Calendar (with a new snooze option!) and Orkut
  • Status Invisible Mode
  • Add More Than One Google Account For Multiple Uses

You may also download Google Talk Labs directly from TheoryReport.com by clicking this link Google Talk Labs Edition Setup