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Facebook HTC Sense Not Updating Contacts Resolved

Facebook HTC Sense Not Updating Contacts Resolved

Facebook HTC Sense

I worked on my HTC Spring EVO all day trying to get my Facebook contacts to sync because all of a sudden, the contacts sync feature stopped working.  I assure you, it’s not a software glitch, you just have to play with your settings in Facebook and on your phone.  Here are the steps I used to fix my issue, yours would have to be similar, you just may need to do a few more steps.

1. I went to Settings–>Applications–>Manage Applications and deleted cache and settings for Facebook and Facebook HTC Sense Applications

2. Next, I deleted my Facebook account on my phone under Settings–>Accounts & sync–>Facebook Then Remove account.

3. I then went to the “Market” on my phone and updated to the newest Facebook application, it said it will replace your old application and I said yes

4. I went online on my computer, logged into Facebook, clicked on profile top right hand corner, then clicked on “edit my profile” under your account picture on the left hand side.

5. I clicked on “Education and Work” on the top left hand side, filled everything out completely, including adding an employer and the city and state where my employer resides.  I also updated “Contact Information”

6. I went back to my phone under Settings–>Accounts & sync–>Add Account–> Facebook HTC Sense type in your facebook email and password and your all done, it will sync your contacts now, you just have to wait 5 minutes.

7. After 5 minutes, click on people, then at the bottom select the world icon, and then select Facebook.  If it shows you a login screen and looks frozen, sign out, and then sign back in and allow it to sync your contacts again.

8. If none of these steps work, you will need to fool with your privacy settings in Facebook by selecting on the top right corner Account–>Privacy Settings–> Then on bottom left you will see “Applications and Websites”, select “edit your settings” right under Applications and Websites. In the middle on the top you must select “turn on all platform applications”, if it says “turn off all platform applications” you are fine, just go back to your Edit Profile as above and try and fill out all steps, including adding work location and city state.

I assure you, the Facebook HTC Sense application works and the problem is in your settings somewhere.  It took me all day to figure it out but I did.  This was done on a Spring HTC Evo that was not hacked.

Thank You,

Joe Lovrek

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Joe Lovrek