Android Central ROM review: ApeX 1.4

ROM review -- ApeX 1.4

For many of us, half the fun of having an Android phone is running a customized version of the OS on our phones.  OK, more than half.  Custom ROMs can offer a very different experience from what the manufacturer intended, and often times it’s like having a new phone to play with.  This week, Android Central forums moderator terpitude71 is going to have a look at the ApeX 1.4 ROM as running on his Droid X.  Kick back, and head past the break to have a read. Thanks Brad!


ROM Review: ApeX 1.4 for Droid X and Droid 2

ApeX has even more features besides what was mentioned above. Check it out in the ApeX thread right here in the Android Central forums. ApeX stands out as one of the best custom ROMs available for the Droid X and Droid 2. Whether you are a previous ApeX user, or are new to custom ROMs, I highly recommend giving ApeX 1.4 a whirl. You can download the ROM from the above mentioned thread. Installing is super easy. Just toss the .zip file on your SD card and flash with Rom Manager (you must have Koush’s Droid X/2 Bootstrapper and Clockwork recovery installed first).


About screen  ApexToolbox

App Drawer  Friends widget

Music player  Music player

linpack  Quadrant



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