The Apple Store-dancing YouTube sensation (age 12)

Apple stores are places of worship.

People go there to touch, to stare, to bow, and to buy. And to pray that their chosen product is in stock.

Everyone, that is, except 12-year-old Trevor Michael from Temecula, Calif.
Michael loves Apple. But he goes to Apple stores for a different reason. He goes to make dance videos.

I know, I know. The youth of today. If only we still had chimneys to send them up.

And yet, when you look at the videos, they offer a highly enthusiastic and entrepreneurial attempt to break into the big time. For, as Michael told me: “I want to be an entertainer (actor, singer, and dancer).”

He has his own YouTube channel, which already has enjoyed more than 2 million views. There, he posts each of his free-form movies, in which he not only dances in front of a camera but also glides effortlessly down Apple Store aisles as customers, and sometimes Apple Store employees, join in the amusement.

The way he shifts the camera and remains in shot is spontaneously professional.

I asked him, though, if any Apple Store employees had been unamused. “I actually have not been kicked out!” he told me. “But, as you can see, some of the employees have asked me to turn off the music.” It’s true. They do it very gently, but clearly some believe that he is affecting the solemn atmosphere a little too much.

Perhaps you, too, wonder how a 12-year-old was inspired to such spontaneous performance.

Michael explained it to me very simply: “I love to dance and entertain people! Also, I go to the Apple stores a lot to go on the computers. So, I thought ‘Why not mix 2 awesome things together?'” Why not, indeed? When you put two dollops of awesomeness together, you inevitably get double awesome. It’s like Brangelina.

Michael, like another young California-based Web personality, 13-year-old Rebecca Black, has a keen sense of business. He has his own Web site,, which is a repository of energy and professionalism.

He also has a suitably engaging Twitter feed, where he asks his followers to find his latest news clip from, say, Fox in Indianapolis.

And he makes sure that he offers his location services to more than one Apple Store. He told me: “I try to go to as many Apple stores as I can, but the ones I basically go to are the ones in Southern California.”

I still had my suspicions, though. I wondered what was really behind his videos. So I asked him the question that I know has already crossed many minds reading this. I asked him whether he does this to pick up girls at Apple stores.

His reply: “HAHA, no, just for fun! lol.”

Trevor Michael is 12. In not too many years, he will have the chance of choosing between So You Think You Can Dance?” and “American Idol.”

Perhaps by then, Apple will sponsor one of these shows. Perhaps not.

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