Chromebook Pixel

Chromebooks started as an experiment and ended up becoming best-selling Amazon laptops. They’re so popular that more and more computer manufacturers release Chromebooks: Lenovo launched the 11.6-inch ThinkPad X131e Chromebook for schools and now HP launches a 14-inch Pavillion Chromebook.

Today’s Chromebooks are a lot more powerful than the original Chrome OS devices, since they traded Intel’s Atom for Celeron and Cortex-A15, but they’re not high-end devices. Celeron is a low-end CPU, displays are average, build quality is not great. It’s hard to come up with a premium notebook that costs less than $500.

Well, it turns out that Google works on a new Chromebook that features a backlight keyboard, aluminum casing and a high-resolution 2560×1600 display with touch support. Unlike the previous Chromebooks, it’s designed entirely by Google. Here’s a leaked ad for the upcoming Chromebook Pixel:

Nexus 10 has the same resolution and Chromebook Pixel could use the same Cortex-A15 SoC that also powers the Samsung Chromebook. It’s not clear how much it will cost, but the ARM SoC is a better option than a powerful Intel CPU since the device could be a lot less expensive. If Samsung’s Chromebook costs $250 and Nexus 10 costs $400, it’s likely that Chromebook Pixel will cost less than $500. The first premium ARM laptop.

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