A Fat Stack of Bodhi Linux

When I first started preparing Bodhi ISO images almost two and a half years ago I set out with the goal of providing a clutter free operating system powered by the latest Enlightenment desktop. We call what we do “minimalist” meaning it doesn’t come with a whole lot by default. This ideology isn’t for everyone, though. Thankfully, the power of choice is something that greatly empowers free software development.

Today, I would like to offer a bit more choice for Bodhi users. I would like to share with you all my “friends and family” version of Bodhi Linux. You can grab the ISO image for this fat stack of Bodhi on source forge here. I call it my “friends and family” disc because when I am pressed for time I can’t always sit down and install all the extra software “normal” people need to use their PC. This image allows me to skip the installing software step after I install the operating system.

This ISO image is something I’ve been working on and using as an install media for my non-personal systems for awhile now and I think it is finally in a state that I am happy sharing it. It is simply a Bodhi 2.x branch live/install CD powered by a Linux 3.5 kernel and the latest E17.1 Enlightenment desktop. It comes with a bunch of software pre-installed that should keep most people happy:

This is a 32bit disc image and no I will not be preparing a similar 64bit disc. I intend this disc for home systems, for which I recommend 32bit operating systems. Users installing from this disc can get support on the Bodhi Forums just as if they had installed from the normal disc.

~Jeff Hoogland

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