How to Crack, Unprotect or Remove Document Protection on a Word file

There are two easy ways to remove document protection on a word file or to unprotect a word file.

The easiest way that does not require hex or script editors is to use the XML method. Follow these simple steps:

1. open protected word document .doc.docx
2. save the document as other formats –>> Word XML Document
3. right click on the XML file and open with notepad
4. hit control f to locate or select find in the menu and locate a string similar to this: <w:documentProtection
5. delete all lines from <w:documentProtection and stop before this string <w:defaultTabStop, you will delete 1-4 lines total
6. when you are done, the string should look similar to this: w:percent=”117″/><w:proofstate w:grammar=”clean”/><w:donottrackmoves /><w:defaultTabStop
7. finally, when you are done, just hit the save button and close out of notepad
8. now, click on the XML and it will open with word, if it dont open with word, right click on document and select open with and choose word.
9. once opened in word, repeat save document as and select word 2003 compatible or newer word type

You have successfully remove protection on a word doc without using any programs other than ms word or notepad


My second method will require a script editor but is fairly simple

If you are using office XP or 2003, you can change the view to HTML-Code using Microsoft Script-Editor by pressing the [Alt]+[Shift]+[F11] key combination.

Search for “Password” and you will find somethimg like this:

To remove the protection:
-Just remowe those two lines, and after saving the document , the protection is gone.

To remove the password:
-replace the Password, here “19E8E61E”, with “00000000″, save the Document and close “Script-Editor”.

Alternative you can save your document as .html and use a html-Editor.. You are all done, that is my version of how to remove the edit protection from a word document

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