OutLook Reminder Error Fixed: There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some reminders may not appear

There is a lot of people having this issue and there is an easy fix.  You can search the internet for days and not get the fix that you are looking for.  Here is the fix I have come up with and anyone can do it.


Outlook 2007

1. Go to Tools menu

2. Select Account Settings

3. Select the Data Files Tab

4. You should see more than one PST data files open and their location, select the PST data file location that does not show as your default, and select remove.  Close the Account Settings menu and restart outlook, your all done… Problem solved…


PST (Personal Folders File)

Definition: PST or Personal Folders File is the file format that Microsoft Outlook uses to store email data locally.

The PST file — or PST files plural; you can use multiple PST files with one copy of Microsoft Outlook simultaneously or at the same time — holds emails, contacts, notes, the to-do list, calendars and other Outlook data.

The use of a single PST file database for all data makes these PST files grow rapidly and to a significant size. Even when the PST file size limit is not yet reached in Microsoft Outlook, it is recommended you use multiple smaller PST files to ward off the danger of file corruption and slow access times.

Also Known As: Personal Storage Table

Joe Lovrek

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