Google’s Android OS: The Best Selling Smartphone OS in the US?

Second Quarter sales figures from Canalys put Android Sales at 34% of smartphones shipped in the US market with RIM at 32.1% and Apple at 21.7%. The United States alone accounts for 23% of the global smartphone market so Android’s push for the top position is one that could see it also gain a larger market share internationally. The Canalys report is from second quarter and doesn’t take into account iPhone 4 sales.

Gartner, a foremost consumer research firm is also predicting Google’s Android OS to become the number smartphone OS with 92 million smartphones shipped in 2011. Both the Android OS and iOS are expected to overtake RIM as the number one and two OS’s of choice for US consumers.

The reason for Android’s fast growth in so such a period is short of phenomenal. Remember, Google first put out the Android OS late 2008. It picked up throughout 2009 with more OEM’s signing up to the smartphone OS for their devices. Developers have also picked up on Android with more than 50,000 currently in the App Store. Google’s Android OS has pretty much seen a 851% growth rate over the previous year with ever more manufacturers looking to port the OS to their devices.

Where does Nokia’s Symbian OS Fit In?

Apparently, there’s still hope for the Nokia platform as Gartner’s predictions see is still maintaining the top two spot internationally on market share. This is probably due to the fact that Nokia devices are widely available being officially sold in far more countries than Apple or Android devices, and also that Symbian devices range from high-ends like the Nokia N8 comparatively priced to compete with Android devices and the iPhone, to lower-end less powerful smartphones designed for the ah, less tech inclined populace.

The Meego OS Nokia and Intel are both working on (first seen on the Nokia N900) got a mixed reaction from users and analysts and it’s still not where they probably want it to be. We will probably see more Meego devices launch throughout the course of 2010 and into 2011.

For now all bets seem to be on Google’s Andriod OS. Only time will tell who gets to take the top prize.

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