Make your 4G WiMax Faster and connect Quicker on HTC Evo 3D 4G

You know when you are driving, the 4G connections can be challenging if at all working on the HTC Evo 3D or 4G. Well, this is because Sprint sets default for 4G WiMax, and these certain defaults are hindering connection and signal strength.

I did a little research on 4G Wimax and its software settings to make it work at its most optimal state, I love tinkering with this stuff, it gives my brain something to do. Warning though, it will make your battery life a little shorter due to the additional power consumption it will be using to add more gain to your signal and connect faster.


First off, your MSL code is needed which is around 6 digits and will be required one you get into your EPST settings and select edit.

There are 3 ways to obtain this code:

1. If you havent updated your phone and you have the older firmware on your phone, you can simply enter into your phones EPST settings in view mode and search for your MSL code under each of the tabs, most commonly under data profile

 2. You can call sprint’s support dept and tell them that you need the MSL code for your device, sometimes they will give it to you, sometimes they wont.  But when they take you to the steps to resetting your internet connection, they will have to give you the MSL code to do so.

3. You can go to a few websites, root your phone and download MSL Reader in the Google Play marketplace and once your phone is rooted, it will be able to retrieve the MSL code for you.

Once you get the MSL code or password, get into the phone’s EPST settings by dialing ##3282#.

Choose “Edit Mode”.

Enter the MSL code you got earlier for password.

Choose “WiMax”.

Change “WiMax Standby Time” to 20

Change “WiMax Entry Rx” to -110

Change “WiMax Idle Sleep” to 10

Change “WiMax Entry Delay” from default 300 seconds (5 minutes) to 0

Change “WiMax Scan Retry” to 15


Once these settings have been changed, touch the icon at the top right hand corner of the screen to “Commit” the changes.  Your phone will restart and you are good to go…


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