Toshiba e-Studio Scan Fax Settings Using Gmail

I have received several emails lately from people asking me if I knew how to set up a Gmail account to work with their Toshiba e-Studio copier so that they may use it to send scan faxes.  The answer is yes, I have set this up before to use on my personal machine.

I will provide details on how to set a Toshiba e-Studio copier using a Gmail account and a help image from my personal machine to show you my settings that are currently working.

First, to set up a Gmail account to use with your Toshiba e-Studio copier to send scan faxes, you have to log into the admin web panel or at least know the admin password to access your SMTP settings area of your copier.

Second, you need to make sure you select network, then SMTP client, not SMTP Server as you will not be using it as a server, just a client.

Third, you will need to use these Gmail settings:

Enable SMTP Client: Enable

Enable SSL: Accept all certificates without CA   “Accept All Certificates”

SSL/TLS: Over SSL   “You Must Enable Over SSL”

SMTP Server Address:

POP Before SMTP: Disable

Authentication: Auto

Login Name:

Maximum Email / InternetFax Size: 30 MB

Port Number: 465    “This is Gmail’s SSL Port, You Must Use This Port”

Finally, one you have entered the correct settings, you must save once for the popup window to close, and then save again in the Toshiba e-Studio TopAccess panel before closing. ***THIS IS A MUST, DO NOT FORGET OR YOUR SETTINGS WILL NOT BE SAVED AND THIS WILL NOT WORK***

Remember, These settings work as they were taken directly from my machine which is used daily without any problems, if you have problems, check your Gmail account name and password, if you still have problems, there is something else wrong with settings in another area.

Here is an image of the correct settings

Toshiba e-Studio Scan Fax Settings Using Gmail

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