Using Google Gmail SMTP Server for Toshiba eStudio copier/MFD scan to email function


I have been asked this question a few times and I decided to post the solution. Using a Gmail account with a Toshiba eStudio’s scan to email function is easy..

First, log into your Toshiba eStudio copier, go to Administration, then to Network.

First off, you have to select DNS, enable it if its disabled and set the DNS to point to Google’s DNS and then set the appropriate SMTP Client Settings. The login and password should be one of your user Gmail accounts and password.


DNS Session

Enable DNS: Enable

Primary DNS Server Address: “This is Google’s DNS”

Secondary DNS Server Address: “This is Google’s DNS”


SMTP Client

Enable SMTP Client: Enable

Enable SSL: Accept all certificates without CA


SMTP Server Address:

POP Before SMTP Disable

Authentication: Plain

Login Name:

Password: “your Gmail account password”

Maximum Email / InternetFax Size: 30 MB

Port Number: 587 or 465 “whichever port that works”

SMTP Client Connection Timeout(1-180): 30 Seconds “Only if you have this option”


Joe Lovrek

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